• Way Jambu, Sumatran Pipeline

  • Ujung Bocor the Long Left in Front

  • Mandiri Beach Breaks

  • Krui Left, Fun Reef Break

  • Krui Right, Fun Reef Break

  • Laae Beach Breaks

  • Jenny's Right Reef Break

  • Honeysmacks, a Hollow Reef Break

  • Jimmys Point, Hollow Left & Right Reef Break

The Waves

Surf spots in the area

The longest and most consistent wave in the area is Ujung Bocor, located directly in front of Ombak Indah Resort. You’ll probably spend most of your time here, but when you’re feeling adventurous there are a dozen or so other breaks in the area. Although mainly lefts, there are some quality rights, as well as beach breaks to suit surfers of most abilities.

Starting in the north at Jimmy’s Point which is about a 90min drive, right down to some great beach breaks about 30min to the south. There is a good variety of reef breaks as well as some quality beach breaks to suit most surfing abilities.

Although Indonesia is traditionally known to have the biggest and best surf during the 'dry season’ (roughly May-September) there are waves all year round. So it’s no surprise that the shoulder months are becoming more and more popular for people wanting to catch a few waves. You can check out the action on our Facebook page where we post shots of the surf throughout the year.

The information below covers the most consistent of these breaks, travelling from south to north. It was written by the late Nev Hines, who pioneered the area in the 90's then set up Ombak Indah Resort. And these days it is still possible to ride down a road and find a wave to yourself.

Quick surf tips

  • There are waves all year but it's best from April-October
  • Most people wear booties when surfing reefs, but it's not essential
  • Bring at least 2 boards, including one for bigger surf
  • Very good ding repair service is available & boards can be hired
  • A surf guide will help maximise your wave count
  • The roads in the area are pretty good - cars & bikes can be hired.

The Breaks

Way Jambu

About 15 minutes south of the losmen is the left-hand reef break Way Jambu. This wave breaks in similar conditions to Ujung Bocor and is easily the longest hollow wave on the coast, so for good reason it’s also known as Sumatran Pipe.

Higher tides are preferred as the reef is sharp and unforgiving. The wave has a couple of sections and it depends on the swell size as to where you sit and take off, and is suited to more advanced surfers looking for barrels. On In the right conditions Jambu can hold as big as it gets.

Ujung Bocor

Pronounced 'oojoong bochor', this left is directly out the front of the losmen. It is a wave magnet and easily the longest and most consistent wave in the area. It sometimes has 2 or 3 take off spots but when it really cranks the top of the point is fast and hollow and barrels are to be had. It then goes into a long fast workable wall that can run for up to 300 metres or more.

It works on all tides and most swell directions and you can surf it pretty much all day. It's an all-rounders type of wave and although not as heavy as Way Jambu, it's still an Indonesian reef break and deserves respect, particularly when the swell gets up.


About 15 minutes north of Ombak Indah Resort is a stretch of open beaches called Mandiri. The beach faces south-west so picks up all swell, which makes it a good option on small days. Until about 8am it gets the early morning land-offshores and remains surfable till about 9 or 10 am when the south-easterly trades start to kick in.

An offshore bommie breaks up the swells which, combined with the right banks and rips, can create punchy, hollow peaks. It can get good, but like any beachie, you need to keep you're your eye on it for changes in tide and bank formation. But it's mainly a small swell day option for those who want to get wet or want a change from surfing over reefs.

Krui Left

30 minutes north of the losmen is the main town of Krui. It's a bustling busy, long road of shops, plenty of dust, goats, motorbikes, cars and people going about their business largely oblivious to tourist activity. Krui still has a nice beach, despite the efforts of some locals to beautify it. and the views north to Pulau Pisang and Gunung Pugung are stunning.

At the south end, known as Labuhan Jukung because of the open outrigger fishing boats kept there, is Krui left. It's a fun, good quality reef break with tubes to be had. It's not that long but can hold up to about 6ft. Any bigger it gets a bit sketchy and tends to close out. It needs swell to break properly and is popular when Ujung Bocor is over 6 foot.

Krui Right

At the south end of the beach, just before the pretty headland is Krui Right, another fun, hollow right-hand reef break. It's best avoided at higher tides if Krui's main creek is open to the ocean. On its day, Krui Right offers fun, stand-up barrels. And as a bonus, the middle of the beach sometimes has a fun peak when the swell is big.


The next spot just north of Krui are the beach breaks of Laae. Like Mandiri, it is situated in front of an offshore bommie that breaks up the swells coming in from the south-west. On its day, when the banks, tide and swell line up it's a top quality wave, hollow and pretty heavy.

Pulau Pisang

About 30 minutes north of Krui is Pulau Pisang (Banana Island) with it's its very fast, quality right-hander. From the road you can check it out across the channel.

You need to hire a surf guide to get to Pulau Pisang. Usually when it's breaking good most of the other breaks are too so if you want to rent a boat to take you out you can be assured of empty waves.

It needs to be early morning before the trades or a Westerly wind. It's a fast breaking wave over a semi-mellow reef. It's a fairly long wave on it’s its day and low tide can be a bit sketchy. Body boarders sometimes ride a radical left on the northern end.

Jenny's Right

A further 20 minutes past Pulau Pisang, situated in a picturesque bay, is Jenny’s Right. It’s a fun right-hand break with a pretty forgiving reef and is more mellow than the other major breaks. Still, you can get a good barrels out there. It's onshore on trade winds so you need to go early.

Honey Smacks

A short drive north from Jenny's is Honey Smacks. This wave was made popular by body boarders, as it is a short and hollow left-hander that breaks over reef, close to the beach.

Jimmys Point

Just north of Honey Smacks is Jimmy's Point, a small headland within located in a large bay. There is a left-hander on the north side and a right hander on the south side. Both waves are pretty challenging so only experienced surfers need apply.

The right offers a good barrel after which a quick exit is required. The left is usually steep with a big foam ball chasing you to the end. Higher tides are best, so are early mornings before the trades get up.