How to get to Ombak Indah Resort

How To Get Here

To get here you fly into Jakarta, take 50 minute flight across the Sunda Strait to Bandar Lampung, then it's a 6 hour drive to the small village of Tanjung Setia.

To remove any hassle and maximise your surf time we provide transfers from either Jakarta or Bandar Lampung to Ombak Indah. See the Pricing & Dates page and look for the ex-JAKARTA and ex-LAMPUNG options.

If flying into Jakarta from overseas you generally need to stay overnight in Jakarta. Our ex-JAKARTA option includes Jakarta airport pickup, transfers and 1 night accommodation, plus tickets and transport to the losmen, all at reasonable rates.

Can I fly to Krui?

Not yet, the runway needs to be extended first. We will let you know as soon as a flight schedule is announced, hopefully in 2019. See the FAQ page for more useful information.